Legal Issues and the Holidays

During the holidays the police presume that bad things will happen. With a lot of people traveling, the potential for accidents can be caused by anything from cell phone distractions to road rage. The police presume that many will drink alcohol and then drive in a dangerous manner. The police are under pressure from their superiors who are under pressure from public interest groups to make arrests. This results in the American people’s constitutional rights getting over looked unfortunately. It gets rationalized by thinking that the public’s safety is worth destroying someone’s right against illegal search and seizure.  If this takes place look immediately for a Criminal Attorney Austin Tx.

You will want a good advocate to begin the process the right way and advocate properly from the beginning. It is legal to drink and then drive in Texas or the law would be zero tolerance instead of .08 blood alcohol content. The problem with being close to borderline with your blood alcohol is that the police most likely will arrest you anyway. It will then require you to prove your innocence after being thrown in jail over night and then going to court several times most likely. Of course this will cost a person several thousand dollars and lost work time sitting in a courtroom waiting for something to happen. A good Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer will be necessary to see that all questions are answered and all the procedures are followed to make sure the optimal outcome is achieved. This means that your defense lawyer will need to get all the evidence a soon as possible and examine it with you in order to sort out what is true and what it not. You will have a good indication a that time how long the process will take to get resolved.

Waller County Tx Defense Lawyer

Many of the travel ways in Texas pass through towns where the law enforcement search hard for violators. A county and small towns revenue can really be boosted by a busy traffic court. Many people will just wish to pay a fine and not take time to come back and fight a violation. This is not true for more serious offenses. For instance if person is stopped and has a suspended drivers license. A person may have drugs or open alcohol containers in their car. They may be charged with possession of drugs and a DWI or just one of these charges. The reason for the stop may be speeding or the unlucky incident of being hit by another driver.

If you are arrested in Waller County, Texas you will be taken to jail in Hempstead, Texas until being bonded out by cash in full or by paying 10% to a bondsman. In the not to distant future from this point you will want to speak to a Hempstead Tx  Defense Attorney. There are many attorneys who travel to court here from elsewhere. There are some who know what they are doing and others who do not understand what it takes to successfully represent a client the correct way.

You will find that if you prepare the proper questions ahead of time you can sort through what attorney you feel comfortable with and the others who you do not feel comfortable having represent you. Finding the attorneys online seems to be the most practical route these days. Phone books have become more obsolete over the last 10 years. You can read the websites for information, but nothing substitutes for an in depth telephone conversation to get the answers that you need in order make a very informed decision that may affect the rest of your life.